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Nureddin writes from Ramallah:

Dear All,

Hope you are all doing well. I would very much like to share our week of success with all of you. Following my New York marathon journey with all its amazements and excitements, I came back home to win two national prizes: the ‘Palestine Prize of education’ and the ‘Prize of Elham Palestine‘, which I received today in an official ceremony in Ram Allah attended by prime Minister Salam Fayyad , Minister of Education, Marwan Awartani and many other personalities and sponsoring organisations. More happily, a group of our visually handicapped athletes won the national championship across Palestine in ‘goal-ball‘, and honored the cub. I hope our consecutive successes ¬†will inspire more Arab innovators, and become a good example of change and social philanthropy.


Nureddin is pioneering a new approach to education for the visually impaired in Palestine, who are denied educational opportunities because the government is unable to provide services to those with special needs. Visually hanicapped himself, Nureddin is building a more inclusive future for the blind through integrated education, where children are taught side-by-side in a learning environment that fosters understanding and equality.


Nureddin Amro, headmaster of the Siraj al-Quds School.

Nureddin Amro runs the Siraj al-Quds School, a school for visually impaired children in East Jerusalem, and is a leading advocate in Palestine for the rights of disabled children to access education and development.

Since opening its doors in 2007, the Siraj al-Quds School for integrated education has served over 120 children in Jerusalem and has offered formal education to those aged four through six, accepting students demonstrating the most financial need. The Siraj al-Quds School is affiliated with the Nur al-Ain Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired, the only institute in East Jerusalem that offers education and development services to the visually-impaired community.

Nureddin Amro, blind since birth, has been named a Synergos Arab World Social Innovator, for being a pioneer of change in his community, and has been selected by British Council in Jerusalem as a social leader working for positive change and social development for people with special needs.