Nureddin visited the Lighthouse International, a worldwide organization dedicated to overcoming vision impairment through rehabilitation, education, research and advocacy.  He met with the Senior Vice President of Policy and Evaluation who gave him an introduction to the activities and impact of Lighthouse International.  Subsequently, he toured the Child Development Center with the school principal.  Like the Siraj al-Quds School, the Center provides an integrated environment for early education, in which all children thrive.  Nureddin also learned about advances in accessible technologies – which can be used by both sighted and visually impaired people – from the Marketing Director. 

Nureddin talked about his work with middle school students from the United Nations International School in New York. Siraj al-Quds school has received support from the United Nations Development Programme, among others, and Nur has applied to be a volunteer with the United Nations under the UN Volunteers program.

He also explored the last few miles of the marathon course, paused at the statue of Fred Lebow (founder of the New York Marathon), and familiarized himself the finish line.