Nureddin spent the morning exploring the marathon course from mile 16 (First Avenue) to mile 23 (Fifth Avenue). Several marathon runners were jogging along this section of the course. Nureddin is pictured below on the course at Fifth Avenue in Harlem.

At the Synergos office, he talked with interns Rana (1st from L), Shashi and Alaa (4th and 5th from L), who are supporting the recruitment of the new class of Arab World Social Innovators. Sheena Reiter (3rd from L) is organizing Nur’s schedule in New York.

After a call with the Open Society Foundation’s Disability Rights Initiative,
Nur met with Steve Sloan, Physical Education teacher at P.S. 102 in East Harlem, and his collaborator Lorenzo Cowell. Steve, a blind athlete and basketball coach who has worked in education for the last 30 years, was one of the carriers of the Olympic torch at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy. He gave Nur some tips on how to prepare for the marathon and how to “bring his A game” to this big event.